Richard Rowe served over 20 years in the U S Navy, living in Australia, Bahrain, and Japan while also visiting over 50 different countries. During this time he has sat down with people from all walks of life, even meeting and talking with the Dalai Lama. He has experienced leadership and human behavior on all levels from the entry level military person to noted government leaders, and different religious leaders throughout the world; transfusing not only his knowledge but giving him insight into human behavior.

After leaving the military, Richard ventured into the corporate world and worked for a Fortune 500 Financial company promoting better customer service, sales, and leadership through facilitation. An internationally recognized speaker and author, he has authored Is your life a puddle or an Ocean? which is a look at how we create ripples in our lives based on our choices . By combining his experiences in the military and his corporate experiences, Richard will create a presentation which is information-rich, highly motivational and entertaining; he is a polished storyteller making the seemingly complex easy to understand, and has numerous lectures and courses on leadership, sales, customer service, change, and teamwork. He has presented over a 1000 speeches and seminars nationally and internationally.

Richard is certified as a Master Training Specialist for the military only held by the top ten percent of all facilitators and a member of (American Society for Training & Development) ASTD, and the National Speakers Association (NSA). He holds an Associates degree in Technical Instruction, a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, and a Masters of Science in Management with a focus on adult learning.